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I have been extremely lucky to be asked to deliver CPD, coaching and curriculum support to a range of schools in a range of settings. On this page you can find more information about how I could support you, your school or your MAT:

  1. Upcoming events
  2. Type of training
  3. About me
  4. Case studies
  5. Testimonials

If you are interested further, please be in touch with me at

Upcoming events

Please see below for a list of upcoming webinars. To stay updated with any new webinars, please enter your email address here (I won’t spam you!).

Improving teaching and learning across a department or school, 30/1/23

Better behaviour: simple strategies that actually work, 6/3/23

Mastering modelling and improving explanations, 15/5/23

The Amazing Mini-Whiteboard and how to use it, 5/6/23

Type of training

I tailor my training to suit the context and can support in areas like:

  • General CPD
  • Curriculum design
  • HOD coaching
  • Behaviour management
  • Evidence based practice
  • Cognitive science

You can get a flavour for the kind of content I deliver here.

If you are interested please be in touch with me at

About me

For a number of years I have worked nationally and internationally as a teacher trainer. I currently work as a Lead Practitioner in a school in London, and am also the Education Director at Carousel Learning. I was the founding Managing Editor of CogSciSci: the world’s largest network of science teachers looking to implement findings from cognitive science. I am the author of numerous books on evidence-based teaching, most recently Teaching Secondary Science: A Complete Guide.

Case Studies

Case study 1: school in West London

Focus: curriculum and outcomes in science

The school asked for:

  1. A review of the quality of curriculum implementation in the science department.
  2. Training in lesson observations.
  3. A bespoke plan for improving the quality of resourcing and teaching in the science department.

How I supported:

  • Delivered sessions with senior and middle leaders where we conducted joint learning walks.
  • In these sessions leaders were trained in how to observe lessons, what details to look for and how to feed back to staff.
  • Met with leaders to analyse current department plans
  • Across these sessions, we identified a number of issues across the department that would have a detrimental impact on outcomes and results:
    • No planning for long-term learning.
    • Incoherence between learning intentions and lesson activities.
    • Over-reliance on fragmented and conglomerated PowerPoint slides for explanations and checks for understanding.
  • Once these weaknesses were identified, training focused on resolving them.
  • One-to-one training with the head of department in how to quickly and effectively improve resourcing and teaching with a low effort: high impact ratio.
  • Prepared a tailored implementation plan for the department and presented it to them, including specific training for the department in how to improve the quality of provision.

Case study 2: Local Education Authority

The LEA had identified that curriculums had been poorly planned across their secondary science departments. They asked me to:

  1. Review current curriculums and resources
  2. Support senior leaders and heads of department in making improvements

How I supported:

  • Delivered a webinar on effective curriculum design to heads, senior leaders and heads of science across the trust
  • Did 1:1 follow-up sessions with heads of department, reviewing their curriculums individually
  • Prepared an action plan for each head of department for curriculum improvement

For other case studies (e.g. MAT training day, school curriculum review, published curriculum review) please be in touch.


James Singleterry, Headteacher, Stukeley Meadows Primary School

Many thanks for both sessions – truly, thoroughly enjoyed and have made us think really hard about what and how to develop – something we had overlooked throughout the pandemic months.

Veronika Shelley, Assistant Headteacher, NBH Prep

We can’t recommend Adam‘ s CPD sessions highly enough. It was informative, with a lot of expert, practical, ’ready to use in the classroom’ advice, based on Doug Lemov’s TLAC strategies. A lot of content was covered in a short space of time and we are starting to see the impact already. It has really made us think about and plan for building the ratio of pupils participating and thinking hard in every lesson.

Shelley Baird, Assistant Headteacher, Chase Terrace Academy

Thank you thank you thank you – our staff are buzzing!

Great conversations afterwards – staff sat round discussing their lesson for tomorrow – 1 is changing her worksheet – exactly what we needed.

Pitched just right and can’t wait for our tea and teaching group on Tuesday as they are going to be super excited that I have purchase Teach Like a champion 2.0 as our next book.

Jane Jones, Principal Officer: Secondary and Special, School Improvement Liverpool

We were planning some subject specific training and support for Heads of Department in Liverpool Secondary schools. I contacted Adam to see is he could provide the input for science.
He delivered an excellent training session on what he felt were the key elements of a successful science curriculum.  Modelling the process from research to decision of key elements to on- going development with passion and clarity.
He then provided twilight dates for one to one sessions with our science department leaders to discuss their curriculum plans. These sessions produced focused actions and next steps.
Adam was responsive, helpful in the development of this work and a great help in providing feedback to improve the impact further if repeated. His subject knowledge and passion about the role of subject department Head is infectious. His science  curriculum planning and depth of thought and research has been so helpful as a model and I am sure we will see the impact of his work in our planned follow-up meetings next year

ASE Conference:

“Utterly brilliant. Packed full of insight. ”
“Outstanding food for thought! Great style, engaging presentation. Very useful, will be in touch.”
“Brilliant talk and some excellent ideas put forward!”
“Adam is an excellent speaker so the talk was very engaging.”

Dave Morel, Headteacher, Willingham Primary

Thanks again for the PD this afternoon Adam, it was brilliant, super-helpful for staff and probably the best value external PD we’ve had in a long time!……Looking forward to working with you again in the future.

Richard Thompson – Trust Director of Science (West Norfolk Academies Trust):

I will always be grateful to Adam for his inspiring talk on Knowledge Rich Curriculum, which acted as the launchpad for a significant change of approach for science across our trust schools. Every single one of the 30+ Science teachers from across the trust enjoyed his presentation but most importantly understood why change was needed.