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All the SLOP you need

All the resources below are published absolutely free of charge. If you want to say thank you or support me in some other way, click here.  Chemistry *and* physics booklets I have finally finished updating my booklets. The page where... Continue Reading →

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Useful bits and pieces for evidence informed teaching

Below is a list of things I have read and found interesting and have helped me develop as a teacher. I've been collecting them over the last year or so and tried desperately to keep them in order. This is... Continue Reading →

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A year at The Totteridge Academy: the things I’ve learnt

In September of this year I became head of science at The Totteridge Academy. A new role in a new school was never going to be easy, but despite all the various trials and tribulations of the 19/20 academic year,... Continue Reading →

How do I engage my students? FAQs on Ratio

Last weekend I delivered a talk at researchED Norwich on Ratio. It was basically a more developed version of a blog I wrote here and I'm really grateful to a few people who got in touch with additional questions which... Continue Reading →

The Rugrat Roulette!

Throughout lockdown, I've been looking after my 3 year old daughter. I haven't found it particularly easy and have been trying to find lots of different ways for us to make the most of our time together. We've been making... Continue Reading →

I want to go back to school

It's currently eight minutes past eleven at night. I finished my day's work about forty five minutes ago. My heavily-pregnant wife works for the NHS, so every day she goes up to our loft at 8am and works through till... Continue Reading →

Dual Coding: What’s the deal with all those icons?

Before you read this, you may want to watch my talk for researchEd home where I outline the major principles of Dual Coding Theory and its expression in the Multimedia Effect. In due course I will publish some FAQs that... Continue Reading →

Recruiting better: lessons from lockdown

Lockdown has caused a lot of problems for schools and education generally. I think most people are by now familiar with the perfect-solution-less nature of things specifically as they apply to distance learning, assessment and other issues like free school... Continue Reading →

Key Stage 3 Science Resources

Key Stage 3 science has always been a bit of a hobby-horse of mine, as I think it's in an extremely poor state nationally and needs sorting. At my last school, we built a really strong scheme which you can... Continue Reading →

What’s a visualiser worth?

A few weeks ago, IPEVO contacted me to ask me if I would like to review their newest visualiser: the wireless VZX. They didn’t ask me to publish a blog or anything, just to give them some feedback on the... Continue Reading →

Ratio: The Mark Scheme

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about Ratio: a concept which I have found to be incredibly powerful when discussing and describing classroom practice. By way of  reminder, there are two types of ratio: Participation ratio: how many... Continue Reading →

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