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We Need To Talk About Misconceptions

As people grow up, they gain knowledge of their surroundings. For example, if a child goes outside on a cold day, they will no doubt feel the sensation of cold all around them. However, when they touch something metal, it... Continue Reading →

Evolutionary Educational Psychology: A Summary

I've recently been looking into scientific misconceptions and by what processes they are acquired (e.g. "heavy things fall faster than light things"). I came across Nick Rose's excellent blog on the topic which I highly recommend. He references Geary's theory... Continue Reading →

Collective Responsibility, Not Collective Punishment

There is a tradition called "muck-up day." I don't know when it started, but it seems to have taken root in many schools. At a school I used to work at there was no such tradition until one year a... Continue Reading →

Chemistry SLOP work

UPDATE 22/06/2017 - Have now added booklets for history of the atom, elements and compounds and ionic bonding. Still have to do groups then covalent bonding. Once I've done those I'll take a little break and see where I get... Continue Reading →

The Impact of Impact: Research, Schools and the Chartered College

I was very 50/50 about whether or not to join the Chartered College. I'd read the blogs and watched the inevitable Twitter flame wars and wasn't convinced. But it was right at a time when I thought teacher professionalism was... Continue Reading →


I've been on Twitter a while, but only been actively involved in the various "great education debates" over the last few months. I've learnt a lot and had many fantastic, constructive dialogues with people from all over the spectrum. Obviously... Continue Reading →

The Retrieval Roulette

A lot of people on Twitter have recently been talking about the importance of mini-quizzes and how they are carried out. I've been working on a little program to help me out with this and you're more than welcome to... Continue Reading →

Corbyn’s Class (Sizes) War

In the run up to the General Election I'm going to be writing a little bit about some of the Ed policies as they come out. It's mostly for my Facebook friends (who are generally conservative) so not aimed at... Continue Reading →

The Silliness of Silly Mistakes: Cognitive Load Theory for Kids

I constantly hear students saying that they made a silly mistake or that they didn't read the question carefully. To me, these are excuses. We don't know the material well enough, make a mistake because of it and then try... Continue Reading →

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