If you are looking for a book, an article, podcast or video, I’ve tried to collect everything here.


Oxford Revise here (knowledge organisers, Core Questions, exam practice)

John Catt knowledge quizzes here

The researchEd Guide to Explicit and Direct Instruction here

Teaching Secondary Science: A Complete Guide here

Cracking Key Concepts in Secondary Science here


Royal Society of Chemistry articles here (includes chemistry specific stuff, but also introductions to cognitive science)

HWRK here (includes articles about general teaching and learning and staff culture)

Chartered College of Teaching’s Impact here (includes articles about curriculum construction, motivation and retrieval practice)

Teachwire here (includes articles about cognitive science, fads, mentoring)


Episode 12 of the Rethinking Education podcast here (we discussed all things traditional teaching, cognitive science and behaviour)

Episode 21 of the Rethinking Education podcast here with Tom Sherrington (we discussed corruptions and perversions to traditional and progressive teaching)

Episode 5 of the View From The Lab podcast here (discussion about evidence based science teaching and what that looks like)

Naylor’s Natter podcast here (discussion about the Teaching Secondary Science book, including departmental culture, metacognition, what to do after a mock)

Teachers Talk radio, two shows here (one where I interview Heather Fearn from Ofsted and one with a couple of experts about general teaching and learning issues)

Mind the Gap podcast with Tom Sherrington and Emma Turner here, we discussed science teaching, retrieval practice and behaviour.

Dynamic deputies podcast here, where we discussed the application of Teaching Secondary Science to the primary classroom, with a special focus on explanations.


Most of my free CPD videos can be found here