I’ve recently been looking into scientific misconceptions and by what processes they are acquired (e.g. “heavy things fall faster than light things”). I came across Nick Rose’s excellent blog on the topic which I highly recommend. He references Geary’s theory of Educational Evolutionary Psychology, which I was already familiar from David Didau’s blogs on the topic as well as the chapter in Didau & Rose’s book on the topic.

Anyway, I decided to read some of the original work by David Geary as well as an short commentary by John Sweller (links below). I’ve really only dipped my toes into this and have a bit more to do in terms of science misconceptions particularly (which I will hopefully write about soon).

We have a research reading group at school and I’ve summarised my notes into a short powerpoint with some key quotes and diagrams. You’re more than welcome to have a look and feedback/further reading is always welcome.

Evolutionary Educational Psychology

Links to reading:

Principles of evolutionary educational psychology, D. C. Geary

Instructional Implications of David C. Geary’s Evolutionary Educational Psychology, J. Sweller

UPDATE 15/06/17

I found this article, also by Sweller, which looks more detailed than the one I initially looked at. I haven’t had time to process it fully yet.

UPDATE 18/07/17

Here is some more reading from Sweller. We had a legendary thread on twitter featuring a lot of knowledgeable folks (and myself) which can be checked out here.