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Keeping the one, losing the many

Andy is teaching a lesson about energy changes in chemical reactions. He puts some information about a reaction on the board; that the temperature at the start is 21 °C and at the end is 34°C. "ok, so can anyone... Continue Reading →

Busy Tricking

At the start of her lesson, Flo has a Do Now on the board as students are coming into the room. She’s using a Carousel Whiteboard quiz with three questions on content from a few weeks ago, and three questions... Continue Reading →

Shifting your focus: a class-eye view

Mr D was going over a Do Now quiz. One of the questions related to an advantage of wind turbines. After reviewing a couple of correct answers a student, Jimmy, asked Mr D about his own answer: "they don't pollute... Continue Reading →


Scene: it is 3.02pm and 8Sc2 have been working well throughout the double lesson. The bell goes at 3.05pm Teacher: ok year 8, well done today. In a minute we are going to pack up and stand behind our chairs,... Continue Reading →

How do I engage my students? FAQs on Ratio

Last weekend I delivered a talk at researchED Norwich on Ratio. It was basically a more developed version of a blog I wrote here and I'm really grateful to a few people who got in touch with additional questions which... Continue Reading →

Ratio: The Mark Scheme

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about Ratio: a concept which I have found to be incredibly powerful when discussing and describing classroom practice. By way of  reminder, there are two types of ratio: Participation ratio: how many... Continue Reading →


I've observed a lot of lessons this year. Inside science, outside science, novice teachers, expert teachers. Lots and lots of other people's lessons. I've also been observed lots. As much as I've been in others' classrooms, others have been in... Continue Reading →

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