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Some top tips for making teaching videos

As a school, we've decided to spend time this term making teaching videos. There are two reasons for this: it will help our students who aren't in school and generally prepare everyone in the event of a school closerit's a... Continue Reading →

My CPD videos

The last few months have been pretty diabolical for me professionally, but one of few good things to come of this whole Covid mess has been the proliferation of free online CPD. The CPD circus is a market in need... Continue Reading →

The woods and the trees: breaking Rosenshine

Rosenshine is everywhere. And with good reason. As a basic primer for how to do Explicit Instruction, nothing is better. The paper is short, but jam-packed with good stuff about teaching and learning - good stuff which has been notably... Continue Reading →

What does explicit instruction in science look like?

As you may know, I’ve prepared the year 7 science lessons for the Oak National Academy last term. By the end of term, I finished 44 lessons, each one featuring a pre and post quiz, an instructional video and at... Continue Reading →

Behaviour: stopping it starting

I was recently asked to give a talk for United Learning about which Teach Like a Champion techniques I had found most useful for me and for people I work with. Below is a link to the 20 minutes-ish session... Continue Reading →

A year at The Totteridge Academy: the things I’ve learnt

In September of this year I became head of science at The Totteridge Academy. A new role in a new school was never going to be easy, but despite all the various trials and tribulations of the 19/20 academic year,... Continue Reading →

How do I engage my students? FAQs on Ratio

Last weekend I delivered a talk at researchED Norwich on Ratio. It was basically a more developed version of a blog I wrote here and I'm really grateful to a few people who got in touch with additional questions which... Continue Reading →

The Rugrat Roulette!

Throughout lockdown, I've been looking after my 3 year old daughter. I haven't found it particularly easy and have been trying to find lots of different ways for us to make the most of our time together. We've been making... Continue Reading →

I want to go back to school

It's currently eight minutes past eleven at night. I finished my day's work about forty five minutes ago. My heavily-pregnant wife works for the NHS, so every day she goes up to our loft at 8am and works through till... Continue Reading →

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