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Science Knowledge Organisers

All the cool kids seem to be making knowledge organisers. So I thought I would have a crack at making one myself. The idea for knowledge organisers started with Joe Kirby's blog on the topic (Olivia Dyer's science ones can... Continue Reading →

Tales from the history of science: Magic Mercury

I like to tell my students stories from the history of science. Not because they mysteriously boost student engagement. Not even because stories are "psychologically privileged" and might lead to greater retention. I tell them simply because I, presumably like... Continue Reading →

A-Level Chemistry Required Practicals: An Outline

So till now I've been talking about in a very general, philosophical sense about practicals. I've just started at a new school where there are only two A-Level chemistry teachers; myself and the head of department (who is also new).... Continue Reading →

So, are we wasting our time?

I want to open my conclusion by thanking those who have given me valuable feedback and further reading over the last couple of weeks. I never meant to imply that these blogs were somehow the last word, or that my... Continue Reading →

Teaching Practical Skills: Are We Wasting our Time? Part – 6

I have a pet hate. In truth I have quite a few pet hates but this one is a biggy. I hate it, I┬áreally hate it, when people who aren't teachers tell us what we need to teach, and how... Continue Reading →

Mary the Super Scientist: Are we wasting our time? – pt. 5

Mary is the most gifted student a science teacher could hope for. She laps up any and all information given to her, with her specialist field being the electromagnetic spectrum, colour, and the way humans perceive different wavelengths of light.... Continue Reading →

Science Practicals Boost Engagement: Are we wasting our time? pt. 4

"Are we doing a practical today sir?" Said every student ever. No doubt many of my colleagues will have been asked the same question many times before. Funnily, no student ever asks "are we going to be learning about how... Continue Reading →

There is always more to read

My posts yesterday were the first time I had tried to expose my ideas to people other than direct colleagues and friends. I got a lot of feedback and the vast majority of it was well expressed and helpful. It... Continue Reading →

The Science of Science Practicals: Are We Wasting Our Time? Pt. 3

In my last post, I tried to prove that science practicals were not the best way for students to learn new scientific content. I want to try and look at the generalised skills of enquiry and analysis that they supposedly... Continue Reading →

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