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The Retrieval Roulette

A lot of people on Twitter have recently been talking about the importance of mini-quizzes and how they are carried out. I've been working on a little program to help me out with this and you're more than welcome to... Continue Reading →


Corbyn’s Class (Sizes) War

In the run up to the General Election I'm going to be writing a little bit about some of the Ed policies as they come out. It's mostly for my Facebook friends (who are generally conservative) so not aimed at... Continue Reading →

The Silliness of Silly Mistakes: Cognitive Load Theory for Kids

I constantly hear students saying that they made a silly mistake or that they didn't read the question carefully. To me, these are excuses. We don't know the material well enough, make a mistake because of it and then try... Continue Reading →

In Praise of Off By Heart

I recently shared to Facebook Tom Bennett's excellent dismantling of a ridiculous video which did the rounds about a year ago. A teacher friend duly shared my post, which was critiqued by a friend of theirs (a complete stranger to... Continue Reading →

KS3 Science Curriculum: Some Tentative Thoughts

Last night on Twitter I reached out to hear people's thoughts on how to go about writing a KS3 science curriculum bearing cognitive science in mind (1). I got some really interesting responses from people who are a) more knowledgeable... Continue Reading →

Monbiot rant

Below is an unmitigated rant that I wrote on Facebook in response to George Monbiot's Guardian article. It isn't they type of thing that I would usually use this blog for so if you're looking for calm and reasoned analysis... Continue Reading →

Exam Technique: Is That a Thing?

No. Well, probably not. Presumably it depends on how you define "exam technique". In my experience people generally use it to refer to an ability to work out exactly what an exam-style question wants from you and be able to... Continue Reading →

It is “unacceptable” that schools aren’t doing more practical work! Really?

The Wellcome Trust recently published a large scale survey into science practicals at schools in the UK. There is a lot that I found objectionable in the report (which looks like it has a solid methodology though I am no... Continue Reading →

Knowledge Organisers: Talmud Style

I come from a faith which holds study as one of its highest values. For over two thousand years, Jews across the world have been studying Judaism's holiest texts: the Tenach (Hebrew Bible), the Mishna, theĀ Talmud and thousands of other... Continue Reading →

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