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Recruiting better: lessons from lockdown

Lockdown has caused a lot of problems for schools and education generally. I think most people are by now familiar with the perfect-solution-less nature of things specifically as they apply to distance learning, assessment and other issues like free school... Continue Reading →

Key Stage 3 Science Resources

Key Stage 3 science has always been a bit of a hobby-horse of mine, as I think it's in an extremely poor state nationally and needs sorting. At my last school, we built a really strong scheme which you can... Continue Reading →

What’s a visualiser worth?

A few weeks ago, IPEVO contacted me to ask me if I would like to review their newest visualiser: the wireless VZX. They didn’t ask me to publish a blog or anything, just to give them some feedback on the... Continue Reading →

Ratio: The Mark Scheme

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about Ratio: a concept which I have found to be incredibly powerful when discussing and describing classroom practice. By way of  reminder, there are two types of ratio: Participation ratio: how many... Continue Reading →

Shifting lines: does everything work somewhere?

"there is no such thing as ‘what works’ in education. It’s good to employ a range of pedagogical approaches to meet the needs of children in their different contexts" "When it’s interesting enough, chalk and talk does work." "There is... Continue Reading →


I've observed a lot of lessons this year. Inside science, outside science, novice teachers, expert teachers. Lots and lots of other people's lessons. I've also been observed lots. As much as I've been in others' classrooms, others have been in... Continue Reading →

Observing Novice Teaching

What went well: great use of vocab sheet for EAL student and thumbs up/thumbs down (standards 5, 6) Even better if: improve your pacing so you have time to fit everything in, use more group work to increase engagement (standard... Continue Reading →

How to not screw up retrieval practice

This is the first blog in the CogSciSci symposium on retrieval practice in the classroom. You should read the introduction to this symposium here before reading this article.  Retrieval Practice in the Classroom: Lethal Mutation? In the introduction to this... Continue Reading →

Come work with me!

I work at a brilliant school, with brilliant colleagues, brilliant students and brilliant outcomes. It's a no-brainer: if you are looking to work in a science department where teachers have been granted the autonomy to dictate the way their subject... Continue Reading →

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