Please find below a list of the books I have written or been involved in. I’d be honoured if you were interested in purchasing any of them for yourself, a student or a colleague and am happy to chat about them, just drop me a message via the contact page.

Revision guides

The John Catt Knowledge Quiz series is a straightforward concept: students need to revise effectively, and should be provided with a simple tool for doing so. Featuring tear-out pages, the Knowledge Quiz books support your students in effective retrieval practice, as well as the feelings of satisfaction and mastery that come with increasing subject knowledge. Available at the John Catt store here and Amazon here.

The Oxford University Press “Oxford Revise” series features the full suite of GCSE qualifications (combined science, separate sciences, higher and foundation) and utilises knowledge organisers, core questions and extensive exam practice to guide your students through their exams, either as a classroom or home resource. More information on the OUP website here, or available from Amazon here (bulk discounts available).

Books for teachers

In the researchED Guide to Explicit and Direct Instruction, I edited contributions from writers including: Summer Turner; Kris Boulton; Greg Ashman; Gethyn Jones; Tom Needham; Lia Martin; Amy Coombe; Naveen Rivzi; John Blake; Sarah Barker; Hannah Stoten; and Sarah Cullen. The book aims to explore the basic principles underlying Explicit and Direct Instruction and apply the to the classroom. Available from the John Catt store here and Amazon here.

Cracking Key Concepts in Secondary Science

This book is the perfect companion to help you crack some of secondary science’s most challenging concepts in your teaching. Secondary science teaching is a heroic task, taking some of humanity’s greatest discoveries and explaining them to the next generation of students. Cracking some of the trickiest concepts in biology, chemistry and physics, with walkthrough explanations and examples inspired by direct instruction, this book will bring a fresh perspective to your teaching. Available from Sage publishing here and Amazon here.