You may have noticed I wrote a book recently. I’ve been shamelessly plugging it everywhere I can, and was enormously honoured to recently discuss it on the Mr Barton Maths Podcast. Craig Barton is a huge edu-hero of mine, and I’ve been listening to his podcasts regularly for years, and consider them a central contributor to the teacher I am today. We discussed loads of themes from the book, as well as why 6.02×1023 is the greatest number ever, and I also dropped the f-bomb (oops), so if you’re into bad language there’s something there for you, too. Things we spoke about:

What makes a good explanation?
What role does silence play in Adam’s lessons, and how has this changed over the years?
Is it important maths and science departments work together? If so, how?
What role does technology have to play in terms of retrieval?
Observation feedback

Engaging with research

You can listen to or download the podcast here

Finally, I just wanted to wish anyone reading this a restful and peaceful winter break. See you on the other side!