Key Stage 3 science has always been a bit of a hobby-horse of mine, as I think it’s in an extremely poor state nationally and needs sorting. At my last school, we built a really strong scheme which you can read about here.

Recently at my new place I’ve been trying to write booklets to fit with the MAT-wide curriculum which we use. I didn’t want to share them until I had more but given the expediencies of the time I thought I’d just chuck them up here.

Please note that they are our booklets for our curriculum. That means it might not have the same level of detail, nuance, use of language or sequencing that your curriculum does. If you want them, you are more than welcome to them but don’t expect them to be able to seamlessly plug into your curriculum. They also aren’t perfect and I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to make them so. I update them every so often so please do check back in regularly. 

The Core Question list to accompany the booklets has been uploaded to Carousel Learning

7CP Particles TTA 21-22


7pe-energy booklet TTA 21-22

7PF TTA Forces 21-22

7br-reproduction-booklet TTA 21-22

7CC Chemical reactions 21-22

8PL Light TTA 21-22



tta-8bd-digestion-booklet 21-22

8pe-electricity-booklet TTA 21-22

8PEb Fields TTA 21-22

8BE TTA Ecology booklet 21-22

8CM Materials and Earth 21-22  

Ecology Images (1)



There’s an old KS3 Core Question bank here that I used on a different scheme of work that you may also find useful.