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Chemistry *and* physics booklets

I have finally finished updating my booklets. The page where I used to keep them got a bit messy so I’m starting a new one here. In terms of changes, I have fiddled the sequencing on a bunch of them, fixed a load of typos and added a shed-load more practice. I’ve tried especially hard to add “interleaved problems” which is really a questions sequence that ties together a lot of different topics. You can find most of these at the back of each booklet.

The booklets are also organised slightly differently as we have changed our order of teaching, and we now teach topics roughly in the same order as they appear in the AQA spec (though material is common to all boards). I’ve covered basically the whole course, there are a couple of bits and pieces which I use other resources for but almost everything is there. I’ve put some powerpoints there too. I don’t really use these much anymore, so can’t remember if they are any good but they may help.

As ever, they are free to download and I hope you find them useful. All I ask in return is that you let me know if you spot an error or something that I could do differently. If you write answers I’d appreciate those too if you are willing to share. I’m also very interested in knowing how people use them so don’t hesitate to be in touch on that either. If you want to know how I use them, click here.

Please remember: these aren’t just for the students: they are for teachers too. I have tried to show how different units and topics can be broken down and sequenced logically. I’ve tried to show how you can build in techniques like retrieval and interleaving to promote better learning and if you’re interested more in that I suggest you check out #CogSciSci.

I do update them quite frequently so I wouldn’t advise downloading them all in one go, but coming back every time you need to teach something and re-downloading.

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The fantastic @ChemMcDougall has been writing answers to the booklets and has very generously shared them here. Please make sure to thank her if you can.


Unit 1 Atomic structure and the periodic table

History of atom + elements and compounds mastery answers

History of atom + elements and compounds mastery

History of the atom ppt

Unit 2 Bonding and structure

All bonding booklet answers

All bonding booklet

Covalent mastery

Groups in the periodic table (all)

Ions mastery ppt

Unit 3 Quantitative chemistry

Further quant answers

Further Quantitative Chemistry Mastery Booklet

Foundation quantitative chemistry booklet

Quantitative Chemistry Mastery Booklet answers

Quantitative Chemistry Mastery Booklet v3 with hints

Mixed practice answers courtesy of Claire Frere

Unit 4 Chemical changes

Chemical changes H

Answers here courtesy of Emma Robertson SLOP booklet C4 Chemical Changes ANSWERS

Unit 5 Energy changes

Energy changes answers

Energy Changes Mastery Booklet F

Energy Changes Mastery Booklet H

Energy changes mastery ppt

Unit 6 Rate and extent

Rates Mastery booklet answers

Rates of Reaction Mastery Booklet F

Rates of Reaction Mastery Booklet H

Reversible reactions mastery booklet answers

Reversible Reactions Mastery Booklet F

Reversible Reactions Mastery Booklet

Unit 7 Organic chemistry

Further Organic Chemistry Mastery Booklet answers (ongoing)

Further Organic Chemistry Mastery Booklet

Organic chemistry all ppt

Organic Chemistry Mastery Booklet ANS – more answers from Guillaume Meunier organic-chemistry-mastery-booklet-1 MS

Organic Chemistry Mastery Booklet F

Organic Chemistry Mastery Booklet

Unit 8 Chemical analysis

Analysis mastery

Chemical Analysis ppt

Further analysis mastery

Unit 9 The atmosphere

This one is a bit different as we have actually moved it into KS3, but the material is more or less the same so should still be helpful at GCSE.

Formation of the atmosphere worksheet

The Earth’s Atmosphere ppt

Unit 10 The Earth’s resources

The Earth’s Resources mastery ppt

Useful materials triple only mastery

Using materials triple only answers

Using resources mastery booklet answers

Using resources mastery booklet F

Using resources mastery booklet H

Required practicals booklet

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The booklets below are adapted from Ruth Walker’s booklets which are here

6.1 TTA Energy