UPDATE 27/11/18

I have souped up the SLOP booklet and we are now at over 300 questions on all the RPs including the Triple-only content. As before, if you use it and write answers please send them to me!

AB required practicals mastery booklet

You can find my other booklets here.

UPDATE 17/01/19

The legend that is Richard Newbold has written answers! He changed the booklet a little for his context so might not line up exactly but there’s a hell of a lot of work gone into it!

rn mastery booklet with answers

I’ve prepped a monster SLOP booklet for the 6 required practicals in the Chemistry part of the AQA double course. Help yourselves, usual rules about useful feedback apply.

AB required practicals mastery booklet

There are answers to some of the questions, but I haven’t written for most of them. Let me know if you end up writing some…