UPDATE: the Roulette has been massively pimped up via Carousel learning. If you want to know more about that, click here

A little while back I released the Retrieval Roulette with the aim of helping people build a simple system to embed regular retrieval practice into their lessons. Since then, thanks to the amazing generosity of twitter and the CogSciSci group I have now been sent a bunch more for the different sciences and exam boards. Help yourself and please let me know if you have one you can send to me! Unfortunately I was careless enough that when I emailed the links to myself I didn’t get everyone’s names so if one is yours please let me know asap so I can properly attribute. I’m also pretty sure I got permission from everyone but obviously if you want to take that back let me know and I’ll take it down asap.

I’ve also made a video for our parents to show them how to use the 5 question template to generate quizzes.

There are a load of different templates that people have been using and I’m kind of losing track. The one that I use most often is this one, as it is just 5 questions so it suits what we are doing with lesson starts at the moment. This one has all of GCSE chemistry (AQA) but remember you can just copy and paste questions no problem KS4 Chemistry triple new

I have a blank template here which has 5 questions as per usual, but also has a tab called “pen and paper” which lets you use the Do Now R tab to set a range of questions and then print off 30 random questions from that range but with a blank space for students to write answers.

MQ template

If you want to know how I use these in the classroom, click here.

A note on copying and licensing of the Roulette: I designed and wrote the Roulette with the express intention of it being freely available to all. Others have then collaborated and improved on the roulette in the same spirit. Please do not try to sell a Roulette, even if the questions you use are your own. I do not want teachers to see something that looks cool, buy it and then encourage others to buy it because of the Roulette. If you wish to profit from the spirit of giving that has driven the incredible resources below, please put your questions into a Word document or a blank Excel document and sell it in that form. Feel free to send a link to this site and the free Roulette which people can use as a template.


Mr Allsop History has some here with cool games like battleship too

AQA English Lit from Lindsay Maughan

Matt Lynch GCSE English Lit here

A similar idea for quick and easy retrieval practice for English lit here from Amy Forrester

Mr Hay has an IB Business Management roulette here

GCSE geography here 

A-Level geography here courtesy of Al Monteith

A-Level psychology is RR psychology A Levelcourtesy of Hannah Fisher

CIE psychology from Sarah Best  CIE A2 Psychology retrieval practice CIE AS Psychology quiz games updated Summer 2019

AQA GCSE RE here courtesy of Mr Smith

AQA GCSE RE Hinduism and Christianity from Alice Betts aqa-rs

The ever-industrious Alice Betts (as above) also has these goodies for philosophy and sociology: Sociology retrieval roulettePhilosophy retrieval roulette

Edexcel A Geography GCSE from Catherine Owens here

AQA D&T from Amanda Moffat here D&T Knowledge Retrieval Roulette Qs

English Literature text Heroes from Stacey Davies-Boyle at Pentrehaford school RR-‘Heroes’ Full Text-FINAL

KS1 and 2 Science

This is a really cool project from Louise Cass and Ryan Badham


KS3 Knowledge Quizzers here

I have put up our HSW questions here, and will be putting all our Core Questions up soon.

More KS3 from Louise Cass here RR KS3 Science @louisecass

Here is a KS3 one to go with Exploring Science fromMatthew Wilby https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17mvCstIJyfFdDoxquHRKhk8_GDjbX1UA2xjjHgbP5vQ/edit#gid=1137183396

KS4 Chemistry

My AQA Chemistry GCSE RR, a bit disorganised but almost the whole course Retrieval roulette GCSE chem no repeats

Edexcel Chemistry from Debbie Shepherd Edexcel chem RR booklet Edexcel chem RR

OCR B 21st century science from Elizabeth Mountstevens (with blog about retrieval practice) here

KS4 Biology

BioRach’s monster GCSE Biology here

Benjamin Taylor GCSE Biology here

Charlotte Jenner GCSE Biology here

Biology cells and transport here

Andy Bailey‘s GCSE Biology here

KS4 Physics

AQA GCSE Physics from DrSciTeach here

Andrew Moore GCSE Physics here

Charlotte Jackson Physics here

Matt Benyohai has a lot of stuff on Quizlet here which someone turned into a spreadsheet here (can’t remember who!!)

iGCSE physics from Ruth Brett here

KS4 Applied Science

Damian Benny’s WJEC applied science Damian Benny Applied WJEC

SciPedagogue has for AQA chem, bio and phys here


My AQA Chemistry A-Level RR, currently has quantitative chem and first year organic. Will be adding to it as time goes on RR A Level. Satinder Bains and Adam Robbins have added to it here

BioRachhas now completed a monster 1550 question OCR Biology roulette here

A Level Biology here

Morag Armstrong‘s astonishing 1151 question A Level Biology here

Mr Holliday over on Twitter wrote for physics here 

Elizabeth Bramhall‘s KS5 atomic structure and bonding Elizabeth Bramhall A Level physical

Year 12 Biology OCR Copy of Year 12 Biology – Retrieval Roulette from Adam MacQueen