UPDATE 5/6/18

I now have a bunch of new sheets for our new HSW unit which I’ll be releasing soon. There are a few different styles in there too which gives you a bit of choice.

Visual pracs

Stearic acid

UPDATE 26/2/18

I have written a new prac sheet for crystallisation for KS3, but it’s a required prac at KS4 so could be useful there too. All pracs available at link

Visual pracsVisual pracs.jpg



UPDATE 14/11/2017

I have written a new practical instruction sheet for the thermal decomposition of copper carbonate for my year 7s (hence imprecision in method). When I made it I was surprised at just how many steps it broke down into – but I suppose that’s the whole point. Let me know any feedback. I haven’t used it yet so would be good to have some thoughts.

Decomposition prac ws visual (1)

I have written extensively about cognitive load in science practicals generally. In short, the sheer number of things going on during a practical massively hinder any learning; however “minds on” you try and train your students to be.

Inspired by Bob Worley and David Paterson I have tried my hand at mixing up one of our practical sheets to make it a bit more cognitive-load-friendly.

New practical ws.jpg

Place in learning sequence:

Students know about atoms/elements/compounds –>

students to be told about chemical reactions and a number of ways to tell they have occurred –>

copper turnings + nitric acid demonstration and discussion –>

Introduce practical –>

Students attempt practical using sheet.

Would appreciate any thoughts/feedback. Soft copy below.

Practical ws