UPDATE 6/12/18

John Lindley was kind enough to share his versions which you can find here and cover the GCSE RPs. I’ve also written an article about running practicals which you may find useful here.

UPDATE 5/6/18

I now have a bunch of new sheets for our new HSW unit which I’ll be releasing soon. There are a few different styles in there too which gives you a bit of choice.

Visual pracs

Stearic acid

UPDATE 26/2/18

I have written a new prac sheet for crystallisation for KS3, but it’s a required prac at KS4 so could be useful there too. All pracs available at link

Visual pracsVisual pracs.jpg



UPDATE 14/11/2017

I have written a new practical instruction sheet for the thermal decomposition of copper carbonate for my year 7s (hence imprecision in method). When I made it I was surprised at just how many steps it broke down into – but I suppose that’s the whole point. Let me know any feedback. I haven’t used it yet so would be good to have some thoughts.

Decomposition prac ws visual (1)

I have written extensively about cognitive load in science practicals generally. In short, the sheer number of things going on during a practical massively hinder any learning; however “minds on” you try and train your students to be.

Inspired by Bob Worley and David Paterson I have tried my hand at mixing up one of our practical sheets to make it a bit more cognitive-load-friendly.

New practical ws.jpg

Place in learning sequence:

Students know about atoms/elements/compounds –>

students to be told about chemical reactions and a number of ways to tell they have occurred –>

copper turnings + nitric acid demonstration and discussion –>

Introduce practical –>

Students attempt practical using sheet.

Would appreciate any thoughts/feedback. Soft copy below.

Practical ws