My posts yesterday were the first time I had tried to expose my ideas to people other than direct colleagues and friends. I got a lot of feedback and the vast majority of it was well expressed and helpful.

It turns out that there is a community of science teachers who have undergone similar journeys to mine – but it is not a community I had been aware of until now.

I am grateful for the further reading that these people have directed me towards and look forward to spending some time on those sources before I write my next post.

I am not, however, a research lead at my school. I am not currently studying for any postgraduate qualifications (though I do want to soon). I work 55+ hour weeks as a run-of-the-mill classroom teacher. I tutor on the side as well as balance other communal roles and responsibilities. I am also – God willing – due to be a father in February. I do not claim that these posts will ever be the “finished product” or superior in some way to what other people have thought and said on the topic. They are just my presentations of that little which I have read and explored.

There is a wealth of information and literature out there and I will continue to share the small corners of that realm that speak to me.

Any further reading that I complete and think should be relevant to my earlier posts will be placed there as postscripts.